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The banner displayed above most pages of this website was created from original photographs and other artwork sketched or re-created from drawings. The items seen in the banner are as follows:

Left Panel: Ed Sullivan, Vox T-100 badge, Ludwig Keystone badge, Cavern Club neon sign, Forthlin Road street sign, Beatle boots, Cavern Club door sign, Hofner logo, Vox AC-30 amp, '62 Hofner bass, Mathew Street sign, Rickenbacker 360-12v64, Ludwig logo, Cavern Club stage wall, Ludwig 22" Oyster Black Pearl kit.

Right Panel: Vox logo, Star Club logo, Vox AC-100 amp, Gretsch Country Gent, Gibson J-160E, Gretsch logo, Penny Lane street sign, Mersey Beat newspaper, Strawberry Field gate sign, Rickenbacker 325c58, Cavern Club membership card, Cavern Club stairs logo, Rickenbacker logo, EMI Abbey Road door sign, Capitol Records 45 rpm record.

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BritBeat America's Premier Beatles tribute band, from Chicago, Illinois, plays cover to the 1964 to 1969 live concert era of the British invasion of America by the Fab Four. With English cut suits, mop tops and harmonizing Beatle lyrics, this American band will export you back to the music of yesterday by the rock legends from Liverpool.