• Act 1 - The British Invasion

    The Beatles come to America and start the British Invasion in 1964. Pandemonium and thousands of fans great the Beatles upon their arrival.

  • Act 2 - Liverpool - The Cavern Club

    In 1962 Before Beatlemania and the British Invasion there was the birth of the Beatles. See the Beatles early days at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

  • Act 3 - The Ed Sullivan Show

    The Beatles perform before 73 million televsion viewers. More than 50 years later, people still recall where they were on February 9, 1964.

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  • Act 4 - Shea Stadium Concert

    In 1965 The Beatles perform at Shea Stadium, in New York, at the height of their American tour, before 55,000 screaming Beatles' fans

  • Act 5 - Sgt Pepper Period

    The Beatles enter into the psychedelic period of their career with the launch of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album in 1967

  • Act 6 - The Experimental Era

    In 1968 the Beatles travel to India to study with the Maharishi and learn new ways of thinking, ushering in a new era for the Beatles.

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  • Act 7 - In The Studio

    The White Album, Let It Be and Abbey Road, as we go into Abbey Road Studios and begin the final chapter of Beatles music history

  • Act 8 - Abbey Road Era

    Something, Here Comes The Sun, Come Together. The 1969 recording sessions for this album were the last in which all four Beatles participated

  • Act 9 - The Beatles Breakup

    After years of touring and collaborating, the Beatles final album 'Let It Be' and the ultimate breakup of the band and shock to fans in 1970

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